AFL Umpire Uniforms

The AFL's National Umpire Uniform Supply Program has been designed to reduce the costs for umpiring groups nationally through the AFL holding large quantities of uniforms at low cost.  Previously groups sourced the uniforms from local distributors.  This process resulted in expensive uniforms for the groups.

Individuals are encouraged to order through their groups to ensure bulk orders are placed.  This is more effective and efficient and will save individuals in cost.
Groups are encouraged to keep logo requirements to a minimum to save on costs.  A sponsor logo may result in some extra revenue.  However, consideration needs to be given to the cost of getting that logo embroided/printed on uniform items.  When sponsorship deals end the group either has to get a new set of uniforms or continue wearing uniforms that promote a company that no longer sponsors the group.

To place an order please send completed order forms to

Please consider the following points when placing an order:


  • We cannot deliver to PO Boxes.  It must be either a home or business address.
  • Uniforms generally take between 2-4 weeks.  Print jobs take longer than embroidery.
  • Uniforms are delivered during business hours (Mon-Fri).  Please consider this when filling out where to get the goods delivered to.
  • If you require delivery of the uniforms before a certain date please stipulate this on the order form and we will endeavour to get the uniforms to you prior to that date.
  • Delivery is free of charge unless it is a small order (approx less than $300).  In this case a $15 outward freight fee is added.

Logos Printing/Embroidery

  • Be specific when requesting logos.  In the section provided on the order form please stipulate:
    • The logo you require.
    • Whether that logo is to be embroided or printed.
    • Where that logo is to be placed.
      Example Umpire AFL logo embroided on the left chest of the shirts.
  • If the AFL has used your requested logo for a previous job we will have it on file.  If you are uncertain please email the logo through when you email through the order form.
  • If the AFL does not have your requested logo you will be required to source the logo.
  • Logos requiring embroidery can be sent pdf. bmp. gif. jpg. doc. png. formats
  • Logos requiring printing must be in eps format.

Logo Costs

  • Printing can vary between $4 and $20 per logo, per item.  It will be higher if:
    • Set up is required (ie. first time job)
    • The number of colours required
    • Only small quantities of items require printing
    • Each individual item requires a distinct print job (EG. numbers on shirts)
  • Embroidery can vary between $4 and $6 per logo, per item.  It will be higher if:
    • Set up is required (ie. first time job)
    • Only small quantities of items require embroidery


  • You will be invoiced 1-2 months after receiving the uniforms.  This will give you some time to begin chasing payment from group members prior to paying the AFL invoice. 
  • Costs for items are listed on the order form.  Please note that these prices are GST exclusive.
  • Logo costs can vary and as a result it is difficult to determine the exact cost of your order until after the order has been completed.

Despite not being able to predict the cost of logos we are able to get a fairly reasonable idea of cost. 

Generally the cost of an order that requires only embroidery can be determined by calculating  the costs of all the items, adding $4 per logo x number of units, adding a delivery fee (if necessary) and then adding GST on that subtotal to determine the total cost:


20 x field umpire shirt


20x Umpire AFL logo (embroided) 


Deliver Fee   


GST (10%)   


Total Cost  


Per Shirt  


If you have any questions regarding the National Uniform Supply Program please contact Sam Sheehan via email or via phone (03) 9643 1505.

2014 National Umpire Uniform Program Close Date:
Monday 22nd September at 5:00pm

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