AFL Industry Education

The Australian Football League (AFL) recognises the importance of education as a key driver to shifting attitudes and behaviours, and to achieving better industry and community outcomes.

The AFL's Cultural Strategy and Education (CS&E) Unit is responsible for providing education on AFL codes, policies and social responsibilities to the elite and state league levels of football, as well as developing a pilot program for educating community football clubs.

Enquires about the Community Education Program can be made to

AFL Education


Community Education



Education on the AFL's Anti-Doping Policy and the risks associated with using performance enhancing drugs....more




Information regarding the anti-doping rules that apply to all levels of Australian football, including community footy.



Illicit Drugs

Education on the AFL's Illicit Drugs Policy and the risks associated with using illicit substances.  ...more



Illicit Drugs

Education on illicit drugs and the risks associated with their use. ...more




Respect & Responsibility

Education on the AFL's R&R policy as well as the broader issues surrounding violence against women and healthy relationships. ...more



Respectful Relationships

Education on the issues surrounding violence against women, healthy relationships and sexual consent. ...more




Education on the AFL rules relating to RV as well as the broader issues surrounding vilification and discrimination. ...more




Information and education resources on the vilification rules governing community football.




Education on the AFL alcohol policy framework and individual club policy as well as the issues surrounding the responsible consumption of alcohol and alcohol-related harm.


Education on responsible use of alcohol, the risks associated with binge drinking and the short-term and long-term health effects. ...more




Gambling Policy

Education on the AFL regulations relating to gambling on AFL matches.





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