Australian football was first introduced to Japan in 1910, by Mr A W McLean from Melbourne, but for the next 75 years the further development of the game seems to be unknown

In 1986, Australian Football was re-introduced to Japan when Hawthorn and Carlton played at Yokohama Stadium in front of 25,000 people. The first match in Japan was named "Aussie Bowl '86" and was broadcast to Australia.

This led to the first Japanese club being formed in 1987 at Keio University. Aussie Bowl '87 pitted Hawthorn against Essendon and featured the first match between Japanese teams as the curtain raiser. 

The Keio Hawks defeated the Waseda Bombers and this was the start of Australian football competition in Japan.

Current Japan AFL Top League Teams

  • Tokyo Goannas
  • Eastern Hawks
  • Senshu Power (Senshu University)
  • Komazawa Magpies (Komazawa University)
  • R246 Lions
  • Tokyo Bay Suns
  • Shonan Poseidons

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