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AFL Britain logoAustralian football has had organised league play in Britain since 1990 and was one of the earliest competitions outside of Australia.

It has grown far beyond the boundaries of its origins in London to cover much of England, Wales and Scotland. Varsity matches have been played between the famous Oxford and Cambridge Universities for over 80 years.

Initially an expat competition, the level of participation from local players has grown consistently over the years, particularly with the recent explosion of new clubs across Southern, Central and Northern England.

Following a model which allows clubs flexibility to use available resources such as player numbers and pitches, the sport has enjoyed considerable growth.


There are more than 40 clubs playing regular fixture matches, with up to 25 more in development or playing occasional fixtures. Formats range from 9-a-side on rugby pitches, to full oval 18-a-side. This flexibility has made the sport much more accessible and continues to support growth of the game.

International Football

The home countries also have a thriving international schedule. From the start in the early 90s as part of the Atlantic Alliance Cup, the GB Bulldogs have played numerous fixtures and have attended all three International Cups, as well as the 2010 inaugural European Championships.

There are annual home and away fixtures between the English Dragonslayers, Welsh Dragons and Scottish Clansmen.

Junior Development

Junior development is gradually gaining pace in Britain with clubs aligning with local schools to encourage participation. This remains an ongoing priority and is hoped to develop into a solid pathway for junior players to advance into senior teams at the appropriate age.


Great Britain Bulldogs at IC11

Placing: 7

The Bulldogs prepared well coming to their fourth International Cup, however injuries hampered their efforts.

Nevertheless, after gaining confidence as the tournament progressed and a couple of good wins the Brits climbed from their pre-Cup ninth seeding to seventh place. 

Great Britain Bulldogs in action at IC11

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