AFL Canada LogoAustralian Football is well established in Canada, with active competitions operating across four provinces.

Footy matches commenced in Toronto in 1989 with the formation of the Mississauga Mustangs and the Toronto Panthers in the Ontario Australian Football League.

This league is the oldest in the Northern Hemisphere and one of the largest outside Australia.

Clubs formed in British Columbia and Alberta in 2001, while a Quebec competition commenced in 2008. Canada currently boasts both the men's and women's reigning US Nationals Champion clubs and has established national team programs at senior and junior levels for men and women.

Youth development programs currently operate in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, both within the school system and as organised junior footy leagues.

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Canada Northwind at IC11

Canada Northwind IC11 GuernseyPlacing: 10

The Canadians returned to IC11 looking for a chance to crack the top four. Coming off the back of a seventh finish in 2005 and a sixth finish in 2008, they were confident they could achieve their goal.

Northwind displayed some terrific footy in their courageous efforts, but thanks to tough competition from Tonga and New Zealand, Canada placed at number 10.

Canada Northwind at IC11

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Canada Northern Lights at IC11

Canada Northern Lights IC11 guernseyPlacing: 2

Canada's women’s team first formed back in 2007.

Despite coming from all corners of their large country, the women competed in various competitions in the lead up to IC11.

Northern Lights played well throughout the competition, defeating PNG, USA and Australia. They eventually made it all the way to the finals but fell short against favourites Ireland, losing by 19 points.

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