USA AFL logoAustralian football started in the US with a couple of guys who wanted to have a kick. That kick became contagious and has continued to grow.

From an embryonic set of six clubs, the league quickly grew to 24 teams within the first year. USAFL now boasts over 30 clubs nationwide, representing 2000 players.

USAFL aims to be recognised as the best run amateur Australian Football league in the world, including Australia. It also aspires to:

  • Have 10,000 US participants in 10 years
  • Work towards one percent of the US population to have a grasp of Australian football
  • Keep the game community based

Senior Clubs

Arizona Hawks*

Dallas Magpies

Milwaukee Bombers*

Portland Power

Atlanta Kookaburras*

Denver Bulldogs*

Minnesota Freeze

San Diego Lions

Baltimore/Washington Eagles

Detroit Overdrive

Nashville Kangaroos

Santa Cruz Kangaroos

Boston Demons

Golden Gate FC

New York Mapies*

Seattle Grizzlies

Buffalo VFC


North Carolina Tigers

South Carolina Hawks

Chicago United

Kansas City Power

Orange County Bombers

St Louis Blues

Cincinnati Dockers

Lehigh Valley Crocs

Philadelphia Crows

Tucson Javelinas

Columbus Jackaroos

Lousville Kings

Phoenix Scorpions

Western Pennsylvania Wallabies

*Club also has women's team

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USA Revolution at IC11

AFL USA Revolution IC11 GuernseyPlacing: 5

On their fourth consecutive International Cup, the Revos were looking for a finals berth. They looked the business after a resounding win over much-improved, crowd favourite South Africa at ANZ Stadium put them in the top four.

However, PNG dashed their Grand Final hopes and USA fell to a determined NZ Hawks to finish fifth.

Nevertheless, with the strong commitment to Australian football in the US, undoubtedly the Revolution will be a force to reckon with next time round.

USA Revolution in action at IC11

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USA Freedom at IC11

USA Freedom IC11 guernseyPlacing: 3 Women's Division

USA burst onto the inaugural women's International Cup stage, trouncing Australia IM and holding back favourites, PNG to deliver a five-goal win.

However, after traditional rivals Canada outclassed the Freedom on the scoreboard and the Irish Banshees scooped them in the semi, Freedom's hopes for a Grand Final berth were dashed.

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