Languages Other than English

Foundation - Year 2: What's your Team?

Students practicing using the language other than English being studied while playing a ball passing game, asking classmates their favorite team. Using this language, students carry out a survey with their classmates. Finally, students can apply this knowledge to writing a sentence and illustrating it to create a class book about their favorite Australian football teams.

Year 3-4: Mascot madness

Students practice vocabulary which will enable them to describe their Australian Football League (AFL) team mascots, using a model provided by the teacher, with the aid of flashcards. Students then match pictures of the AFL team mascots with the written versions of their responses, and make a collage of the labelled mascots.

Year 5-6: Team banners and slogans

The activity begins with students watching a video of a number of Australian Football League (AFL) teams running through banners with slogans at the beginning of a match. Students discuss the meanings of the various slogans. They then match slogans with their equivalent from a list in the target language, using a dictionary to look up key words.
Students then make up their own slogans using the existing ones as a guide, and adapting them with the help of a dictionary.