The Arts

Foundation - Year 2: Funky, Footy

Students will have the opportunity to celebrate the culture and traditions of Australia football through dance. Using four basic and traditional football moves, students will perform the moves without a ball, in a set sequence to music. This activity will provide students with the opportunity to create and perform their own funky footy dance, which they can use to celebrate football in the future.

Foundation - Year 2: Guernsey it Up

Students will develop an understanding of 'branding' while investigating and creating AFL team guernseys. They will look at the use of symbols, icons, colours and patterns in identifying and making their team's guernseys.

Year 3-4: Footy Tunes

This activity begins with students participating in a handball brainstorm game. Students then create and perform an Australian football related song using only their body as an instrument.

Year 3-4: Footballs Galore

Students create a three-dimensional life-sizes Australian football using paper-mache or Modroc (plastic fabric strips). They will need to pay attention to the size, shape and texture of a real Australian football and observe details such as seams, laces and written text. Students also research the designs for their Australian football. They may look at team colours, logos, and mascots. Once the design is complete, students will transfer their artwork onto their Australian footballs using a variety of techniques and processes.

Year 5-6: The Club Rap

Using the focus on club theme songs, students review the origins of their songs and/or music and their relationship to the past, reflecting on the importance of the songs to club tradition and their value in club culture.
As part of a group, students select a verse or a chorus from their favorite team's club song and rework this into a rap or chant that might be used as a club rap or cry during future games. Students then present their rap in written form and perform their rap as a group to the class.

Year 5-6: Abstract Mascots

Students are introduced to and investigate a variety of abstract art styles such as cubism, expressionism and surrealism.
Once students focus on an art style they are interested in or that the teacher has selected, they apply it to an AFL team mascot of their choice. They select two areas from the mascot image and enlarge them. Using the information collected from their investigations, students create a new image using selected techniques of the chosen style of abstract art.