Foundation - Year 2: Banner bonanza

Students watch the video clip 'Banners and Slogans'. Discuss why teams and banners, and who is responsible for the design and making of the match day banners. Students will also investigate banner construction and how banners are supported for the team to run through at the beginning of a match.
Students design their own mini-banner and work together in a team to make a banner for their soft toy team mascots to run through. 

Year 3-4: Celebratory headgear

Students explore types of hats, considering the different features that contribute to the design of hats. They then develop ideas of their own footy hat, and make a model addressing the following design brief.

Year 5-6: Carry on Kicking

There are two design briefs posted as part of this activity. Teachers can either select one to work with, or allow students to make the selection. Regardless of the brief standard, students will investigate the development of products, considering the facotrs that have affected hair design; they then develop their own design ideas and make a product or prototype. On completion of this, they evaluate and compare their own colleagues' products and consider what changes might occur in terms of football and new technologies in the next 10 years that could impact on their product.