Foundation-Year 2: Bounce ball bounce

This activity begins with a discussion of different types of balls used in a range of sports. Students observe the balls and sort them according to various criteria. A class chart is developed to organise and record the data about the different balls observed. Students describe how the oval-shaped ball behaves in different situations in Australian football.
Simple experiments are carried out where students test the effect that shape has on the way a ball behaves in different situations. Students make statements that support their observations.

Year 3-4: Just a little flat!

This activity is used to explore energy and forces and the effect of having a football contain varying amounts of air. An experiment about air amounts is planned and undertaken, then used to gather data to back up claims. The students will create a graph of the data to help identify and explain trends and patterns.

Year 5-6: Preparing for extreme weather

This activity encourages students to consider the importance of preparing to play sports such as Australian football in different weather conditions, including extreme weather. Students identify the body changes associated with physical activity and how various weather conditions may affect the players' performance and skill. Students develop their scientific literacy by reading and discussing relevant scientific issues.