Society & Environment

Foundation - Year 2: Me & My Community

The students aim to develop an understanding of the natural and built areas of their school and local community that enable them to participate in sports and other individual/group activities. Students consider how their sporting interests may be affected and/or influenced as they grow and change over time. They begin to understand and accept that each person has different interests, skills and abilities.

Year 3-4: Champions then, Champions now

Students participate in a class discussion then they read information on two indigenous players: Graham "Polly" Farmer and Michael Long, and offer their opinion on whether each player was a champion of the game based on a set of structured questions.
Students research two players of their choice. They must also investigate a chance of the rules, equipment and uniforms.

Year 5-6: The True Australian Game

Students conduct research to make a data chart of information about the contributions of indigenous players to Australian football. They select one aspect of the research to prepare a graphic presentation to a small group or to the class.