Foundation - Year 2: You Can Count on Footy

Using the AFL as a context and focus, first year students develop mathematical concepts such as counting using one-to-one correspondence, counting sets and counting on. Students in their second or third year of schooling build on these mathematical concepts and also use simple multiplication and repeated addition.

Year 3-4: Tables Footy

In this activity, students form 'footy teams' of five members. The teacher is the umpire. The teams compete against each other by being the first to correctly answer a times-table question posed by the umpire. Three players have the chance to score behinds. The fourth and fifth players have a chance to score a goal. Behinds and goals are tallied and recorded after each game on a 'league ladder'. The aim os for a team to win the competition.

Year 5-6: Number Crunch

Students engage in a series of activities designed to demonstrate the important role numbers play in communicating information. Students will investigate the scoring systems used in a variety of sports, complete premiership ladders from the 1904 and 2004 Australian football seasons and create bar graphs to depict the difference in team performance of clubs who had teams participating in both these seasons.