Foundation - Year 2 - My Team

This activity begins with students listening to a story about supporting a football team. They then think about why they support the team they do and write their own personal stories. Students with little experience of AFL football could adopt a team from a friend or the teacher. Students select the presentation format they think would best suit this task. While reading their story to the class, students identify the main reasons people support the teams they do.

Year 3-4: Go for the Ball

These activities aim to assist students to develop their use of descriptive language in their sentence structure. Drama is used to explore different emotions and feelings and how these can be conveyed and interpreted. 
A creative writing task is used to assess students' ability to effectively use descriptive words and correct sentence structure.

Year 5-6: Has Football Changed?

This series of activities provides students with an insight into changes that have occurred to football since its beginning. Predominantly students read articles, supported by suitable learning strategies to help them comprehend and analyse the texts. In each case students develop a brief text to summarise their understandings. 
The final activity requires students to synthesise their developing ideas to produce a text that applies what they have found out about changes to football.