Recruiting Volunteers

Most football clubs appoint people to key positions such as president, treasurer or secretary to provide direction to the club and to manage its finances and administration.

Only a few have considered the way they manage one of their most important resources: Volunteers!

Why not appoint someone within your club with responsibility for volunteers?

The volunteer coordinator would be driving the club's volunteer management program and provide ongoing support and become a point of contact for volunteers.

The volunteer coordinator’s duties can include:

  • Work out how many volunteers are needed and for what roles
  • Develop position descriptions for each role - sample job descriptions
  • Plan how and where to recruit volunteers
  • Help volunteers feel welcome and supported
  • Organise selection and screening procedures
  • Put together orientation kits and programs
  • Develop policies and procedures for volunteers
  • Arrange training and education opportunities
  • Look after the volunteer database and records
  • Develop ways to recognise and reward volunteer efforts
  • Plan for volunteer retention and replacement

Process and Action Plan

Volunteer management process

Volunteer management involves bringing volunteers into your club, looking after them while they fulfil their duties, and then planning for when they leave.

The recommended process for volunteer management includes:

  1. Recruitment: The process of attracting new volunteers to your club
  2. Selection and screening: Making sure you appoint the best person for the position and having processes that ensure that volunteers are suitable for the position they fulfil
  3. Orientation: Once a volunteer has been appointed, making sure that they settle in, feel well-informed and valued
  4. Training and development: Ensure that all your volunteers have the knowledge and skills to perform their volunteer role to the best of their ability
  5. Recognition: Making sure that your volunteers know that the work they are doing is appreciated and valued by the club
  6. Retention/replacement: Planning for and managing the process of volunteers leaving your club so that it has as little impact as possible on the running of the club
  • Appoint a volunteer coordinator at your football club to manage your volunteers. This will ease the burden on committee members and ensure nothing is overlooked
  • Reward and recognise your volunteers. This is most important in retaining volunteers at your club. Remember a volunteer is usually doing it out of the goodness of their heart
  • It takes longer to recruit and train a new volunteer than it does to invest time in an existing one
Volunteer management - action plan

When implementing volunteer management strategies, it is a good idea to develop an action plan. This will help your club adopt volunteer management strategies.

When developing an action plan, try to incorporate each of the stages of the volunteer management model (see below). For each stage, state what you want to achieve, when you want to achieve it and who will be responsible for doing it.

Example action plan





Develop position descriptions for each of the volunteer roles

Before start of season

Volunteer Coordinator in conjunction with relevant committee members

Selection and Screening

Develop policies and procedures for selecting and screening all volunteers

Before start of season  

Volunteer Coordinator and President


Develop orientation session and information kit for all volunteers

By end of season 

Volunteer Coordinator

Training and Development

Ensure all coaches have a level one coaching qualification

Before coach starts

Volunteer Coordinator (Treasurer to administer budget)


Send birthday cards to all volunteers


Volunteer Coordinator (Secretary to maintain database)


Conduct exit interviews with all departing volunteers


President or Volunteer Coordinator

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