Visit the AFL 9s website to learn more about the game.

AFL 9s - Active After School Communities

The Australian Government and the AFL have partnered to introduce AFL 9s nationally through Australian schools and childcare centres via the Australian Sports Commissionís Active After-School Communities program. 

The Active After-School Communities (AASC) program is the perfect platform to encourage young kids to get active and participate in sport and has been instrumental in building greater participation rates among primary school aged children. By providing an easily accessible form of the game to children at all development stage, the AFL believes that a lasting involvement in the game will be achieved. 

Go to the AASC website for information as to how your school can get involved.

AFL 9s - Schools Program

AFL 9s is the perfect game to play at School. The modified rules enable teachers to set up safe, fun competitions for both boys and girls. 

Non-tackle versions limit physical contact, making AFL 9s ideal for children to learn motor and coordination skills while participating in a team sport. 

Contact your state or territory's Schools Manager for information on how to set up an AFL 9s competition in your school.

Visit the AFL 9s website to learn more about the game.

AFL 9s Lesson Plans

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AFL 9s Teacher Curriculum Resource Guide


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