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What is Physical Fitness?

If you can run around the school oval without getting too puffed, does that mean you are super-fit? Exactly what does fitness involve?[more]

Smart Cycling

Riding your bike is a great way to exercise! But before you head off on your bicycle, you need to feel safe and comfortable. Here are some tips:[more]

Skip It!

Skipping rope is one of the best ways to exercise your heart and lungs[more]

Pain in the Neck

You've been battling the monster rabbits for over an hour and you're starting to feel stiff. Time to get up and move[more]

How Healthy is Your Dog?

Do you have a puppy? When was the last time you took it for a walk?[more]

Fight off Germs with Exercise

Within your body is a natural army that helps fight off germs. This army is called the 'immune system' and exercise can make it stronger[more]

Exercising With Asthma

If you suffer from asthma, that doesn't mean you can't exercise. But you need to do some planning first[more]

What Do You Know About Asthma?

About one in nine Aussie kids have asthma so it's important to know what it is and what to do if someone has an attack[more]

Make Like a Caveman

Most of us know our bodies need to be active to stay strong and healthy but why is this? History has the answers.[more]

Fast Cars, Fit Bodies

If you think that you don't need to exercise because you want to be a racing car driver, think again[more]

Wet Workouts

Splashing about in a swimming pool is not only fun, it is very good for your body. But why is this?[more]

Explore Your Surroundings

How often have you told your mum or dad that you have nothing to do? Getting to know your local area might mean you never have an excuse to be bored[more]

How Hard do I Have to Exercise?

How hard do you need to exercise to get the best results for your body?[more]

Buying a Bike

If you have pocket money saved up and want to buy a bike, which wheels will be right for you?[more]

Exercise Skin Protection

When you head out to exercise to improve your health, think of your whole body and don't forget your skin[more]

Perfect Timing

Is there a best time of day to exercise or play sport?[more]

Need for Speed?

After a recent school sports event, my son asked me how he could learn to run faster. What can you do if you're feeling the need for speed?[more]

Kitchen Clean-Out Time

Have a look in your kitchen cupboards and refrigerator. If you're looking at biscuits and lollies rather than fruit and vegetables, perhaps it's time for a clean out[more]

Energy to Burn

What is 'energy' and where do we get it? What happens if we get too much?[more]

Build Better Bones

Strong bones help protect you from injury if you fall over and if you get bumped playing sport. So how do we grow strong bones?[more]

Pimples Love Chips, Chocolate, Cake ...

Mum was right. Eating junk food leads to pimples. Don't you hate that?[more]

Is the Bunny Bad?

Is the Easter bunny our enemy? Why else would it leave chocolate out for kids to find? After all, chocolate is unhealthy, right?[more]

Sneaky Snack Attacks

Why do you eat food? It seems like a simple question, but the answer might be more complicated than you think![more]

What is Diabetes?

Having diabetes means that you need to be extra careful about your energy levels[more]

What's a Food Allergy?

Are you allowed to bring peanut butter sandwiches to school? Sometimes teachers need to ban this popular lunchbox food because nuts can make some students sick[more]

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