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Saturday, June 22, 2013




Decisive win gives ACT the Division 2 title.
The ACT has claimed the Division 2 title of the AFL Womenís Championships with a decisive victory over South Australia.
With both teams battling a strong cross-breeze South Australia was quick to attack while ACT was content to bottle the ball up in defense.
Karina Demant was everywhere early on and proved pivotal in driving the ball forward to Hannah Wallet, who missed a golden opportunity for the ACT when she sprayed a set shot in front of goal.
The teams wrestled it out with neither able to get clean possession in what can only be described as a scrappy opening term.
Pressure was good from both teams but it was Caitlin Williams with broke the deadlock with 50-seconds left on the clock to score the first goal of the match and give SA a slender 4-point lead at quarter time.
ACT came out strongly in the second term but could not break through for a major.
Williams was prolific for a more confident looking SA and it was Leah Tynan who gave them their second goal halfway through the quarter.
ACT was working hard and looked desperate to take advantage of the breeze, however a stoic Michelle Reid would have none of it, and with the Help of Melissa Wilson kept driving the ball out of the oppositions forward line.
But luck was on the side of Kristen Woods whose long bomb from the centre bounced through to give ACT their first goal 17-minutes in.
Another Territory minor on the siren saw them lock up the scores at 12-points apiece going into the major break.
The opening of the third term saw Demant quick to drive the ball into the ACT forward line and after a couple of aborted attempts Hannah Wallet marked and goaled to give ACT the lead for the first time.
ACT drove forward again where a busy Bek Hall was rewarded for her hard work with a free kick that she easily slotted through to take the margin to 15-points.
South Australia needed to lift and Williams and Danielle Cresp were providing plenty of hustle for them in the forward line but the ACT defense was giving no joy.
The ball was run from end-to-end with neither team able to post another major before the three-quarter-time siren blew.
ACT headed into the home stretch 11-points up and was straight back into attack.
The breeze was playing havoc with two set shot attempts blown off line before a case of third time lucky gave Hannah Dunn a goal for the Territory.
A driving kick from Demant saw Kathryn Ghirardello take a strong mark in the goal square to see the ACT lead blow out to 24-points.
It was all one-way traffic from there and soon after Jorden Irvine ran onto a loose ball and goaled for the ACT to seal the South Australian fate.
There was time for one more goal and it was left to Bek Hall who slotted one through to see ACT claim the Division 2 title 7.12  (54) to 2.5 (17).



Victoria a class above in Womenís decider
Victoria has claimed its twelfth straight AFL Division 1 Womenís National Championship over perennial bridesmaids Western Australia.
As expected, the Victorians started aggressively but WA was matching them in intent.
For the Vicís, Stephanie Chiocci continued her great carnival form, seeing plenty of the ball.
Rheanne Lugg and Emma Swanson were working hard for the sandgropers who were heaping pressure onto the reigning champs.
Both teams had opportunities in their forward-50 but backlines were holding strong at both ends of the field.
Scoring opportunities were scarce and it was Katie Brennan who finally managed to find her way between the sticks at the 17-minute mark of the term to see the Victorians head to the first break 8-points up on a scoreless WA.
Katie Brennan was wracking up the possessions early in the second term before Jasmine Garner chimed in to give the Victorians their second goal.
The big V was growing in confidence and Chiocciís goal 15-metres out signaled a growing hold on the game.
WA players were throwing themselves into every contest but there were too many options available to Victoria and they were well in control of the play.
The sandgropers suffered a blow when Phillipa Seth left the field with a suspected leg injury just as Garner nailed her second goal for the match.
With 40-seconds left on the clock Emma Kearney slotted one through to see Victoria take a 31-point lead into half time.
Victoria was straight into attack in the third stanza, with WA working overtime to quell the onslaught.
There was plenty of possession for both teams but halfway through the term neither had managed a major.
WA was beginning to negate the Victorian assault but they could not make any real impact on the scoreboard.
It was only a matter of time before the Victorians broke through again in the form of a rampaging Stephanie Chiocci who scored the first goal of the quarter at the 19-minute mark to take the lead to 38-points at the final change.
Shelley Matcham gave WA their first goal in the opening minutes of the last quarter with a great run in from half-forward.
The Western Australians put together some good passages of play and were seeing plenty of forward action.
WA needed to score but a shot at goal from a 50-metre penalty against Lauren Arnell fell short and another from a free to Kira Philips was touched on the line.
Kara Donnellan and Shelly Matcham were driving forces for WA who was fierce in its chase and tackle game.
 But Jasmine Garner broke through at the 18-minute mark to bag her third for the match and give Victoria a 37-point win over WA, the final score 7.8 (50) to 1.7 (13).

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