Eastlake Women Excel

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

It’s pretty hard to top seven premierships in eleven season of football. But that’s precisely what the Eastlake Women’s team has brought to their ACT club.

“They are our most successful modern era team,” said General Manager, Bruce Macafee. “Not only have they bought success onfield but off field they have improved the culture of our club.”

The women’s team began it’s origins from a pool of Eastlake male players’ girlfriends, sisters and connections. “When we attracted a quality coach the team really started to take off,” commented Macafee.

“Now new players are attracted to the club to play with their friends, for the positive environment, the success, the social side, the quality coaching and the ongoing support from the club.”

The Demons have high standards for all their teams and ensuring these across all teams has been a major step in ensuring inclusion. “Our members realise that Eastlake is not just about the first grade team. The Club provides the same resources for all teams.”

“A major reason for Eastlake’s success is due to including the women in our social events and special functions such as Awards nights,” the General Manager stated.

Carli Eaton has played for Eastlake since 2009. She believes the Eastlake club culture,  “is greatly improved by including females. We tend to balance out the testosterone a bit! There is plenty of time for socialising and joint functions. We are always acknowledged by the Eastlake coaching and operations staff, and they are always keen to ensure that we are represented at events and are recognised for our efforts. I think it's important for us that the club includes us like they do, but I also think that we need to make sure we reciprocate.”

When asked what his tip would be to other clubs embarking on setting up a female team, Macafee suggested, “ensure you provide good social events so the females feel welcome.”

“In looking to the future I hope the women can start to provide s stream of income to the club and really innovate and challenge themselves to get involved in the long term future of Eastlake.”

New player in 2013, Emma Colenbrander, provides a great insight into the attraction of joining Eastlake, “I came to Eastlake this year because I work with one of the players and she convinced me that Eastlake was awesome – she was right! I’ve found everyone at Eastlake to be extremely welcoming. The team is talented, committed and has a strong sense of team spirit. I feel really lucky to have found such a great bunch of girls to play footy with.”

To join Eastlake go to:

Twitter: @eastlakedemons
Or at: www.eastlakedemons.com.au

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