Woomeras Claim Title in Maiden Tournament

Friday, May 09, 2014

Outstanding performances from Imahra Cameron and Shaliese Fisher in the opening quarter set the tone for a competitive re-match between the Woomeras and NSW/ACT, with the Woomeras piling on 18 unanswered points before the first break.

The attack continued unabated with the score 30-0 with ten minutes to go until half-time, but Rebecca Beeson made the breakthrough with a goal from just inside fifty, a reward for a sustained period of possession for NSW/ACT.

The Woomeras’ response comes from the 14 year old Hodder, who races away from the pack and sends it neatly through the goalposts.

Beeson follows up with her second and third goals to place NSW/ACT back in contention ahead of half-time but the Woomeras still have a commanding 19 point lead at the long break.

Despite significant attacking pressure from NSW/ACT in the opening stages of the third quarter, they were unable to convert this to points on the scoreboard. Possession changed hands regularly in the last five minutes of the quarter, but neither team could execute scoring opportunities.

Rebecca Beeson continued her excellent form in the forwards, but fellow forwards in support could not find the form that saw them dominate the scoreboard in the preceding match. Beeson scores her fourth with just minutes to go, but there was only a slim hope for the home side when the Woomeras immediately find the inside fifty at the restart.

Desiree Atkinson took a brilliant mark in the dying seconds of the game, but there was no need for her to convert when the final siren sounded, the Woomeras taking an 11 point Grand Final win in their maiden tournament.


Woomeras 6.3.39 def NSW/ACT 4.4.28

Goals: Rebecca Beeson 3
Best: Rebecca Beeson, Nicola Barr, Angela Priftis, Madeleine Duncan, Eloise O’Brien, Eleri Morris

Goals: Shaliese Fisher 3, Imahra Cameron 2, Kaitlin Armstrong
Best: Courtney Hodder, Jordan Misfud, Imahra Cameron, Angela Giles, Winona Greenhalgh, Maddison Radford, Shaleise Fisherlindsay

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