Help Stop Violence Against Women

Violence against women is a serious problem in our society with  major health, social and economic consequences for women, their families and communities.

A new video from AFL Education highlights some of the shocking facts around the issue of violence against women:

  • One in three women have experienced physical violence since the age of 151
  • Almost one in five women have experienced sexual assault since the age of 152
  • One in four children and young people in Australia witness or live with family violence in their home3
  • A woman is killed almost every week in Australia by a partner or ex partner4

This clip brings sporting men and women together to speak up about this issue. 

The AFL’s Respect and Responsibility Policy represents the Australian Football League’s commitment to addressing violence against women and to work towards creating safe, supportive and inclusive environments for women and girls across the football industry as well as the broader community.

The Respect and Responsibility Policy is about shifting attitudes – ensuring that people throughout the Australian Football industry are aware, and have structures in place, that recognise that violence against women and behaviour that harms or degrades women, is never acceptable.

This program is now being extended from the elite level of the competition through to the elite junior level and local community club environment around Australia. Further information on these education sessions can be found at

White Ribbon Day last November focused on the positive roles that men can play in helping to stop violence against women. 

Men are encouraged to help eliminate Violence Against Women and to make a pledge to work together to do just that. To never commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women.

White Ribbon is an organisation that is working to prevent the most common and pervasive form of male violence – that towards women. All forms of violence are unacceptable. White Ribbon believes the prevention of violence against women will change society for the better.

White Ribbon believes in the capacity of the individual to change and to encourage change in others. It believes that our generation can and must work towards stopping violence against women.

Through primary prevention initiatives and an annual campaign, White Ribbon works to change the attitudes and behaviours that lead to men's violence against women.

Useful Resources:

1. National Council to Reduce Violence against Women and Children
2. National Council to Reduce Violence against women and their Children 2009
3. Australian Institute of Criminology 2001
4. Australian Institute of Criminology 2008

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