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U18 Girls Championships Finals

After a week of great rivalry, Victoria placed first in the inaugural U18s Girls Championships.[more]

A World Event - Under 16 Championships

Players from around the world will compete in the AFL NAB Under 16 Championships.[more]

NAB AFL Under-18 Championships - 'It Starts Here'

See the future stars of AFL during the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships in Melbourne during the next week.[more]

Kids appreciate their mums and dads being involved

Research findings have revealed very significant benefits obtained by both children and their parents if parents become involved with their children in their education. Since sport is education, no doubt about that, it follows that parents and children who are involved with each other in kidsí...[more]

Developing Young Players

By Mark Williams, Port Adelaide FC SOMEONE broached the issue of young players to me over the weekend and asked, in particular, whether they always improve or whether we always expect them to improve. I think itís really important to know that like all aspects of life, there is not linear or...[more]

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