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Denmark - from kick-to-kick to burgeoning competition

What started as kick-to-kick between 3 people has grown into the largest AFL league in the non-English speaking world. The Danish Australian Football League are currently preparing to co-host the 2010 European Championships in Australian Football in August.[more]

Finland breaking barriers to play AFL

Financial and logistical barriers associated with being isolated in the top northern corner of Europe has not prevented Finland from participating in International Competitions. Now they prepare for the European Championships in neighbouring Sweden and Denmark.[more]

Iceland Ravens ready to compete

The Ravens, Iceland's national Australian Football team, may are preparing for their second major international tournament despite only starting up just over a year ago. [more]

Germany's football underdogs

The German Black Eagles, the nationís Australian Football team, are going to Sweden and Denmark to compete in the European Championships - their first major tournament. [more]

European Championships 2010

"Can you afford the flight?" is a key selection criteria for the 8 sides competing in the 2010 European Championships (Aug 1-7). How are Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Iceland, Ireland and Sweden shaping up?[more]

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