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Clubs Kicking Goals with FIDA

Mazenod FC and Montrose FC have seen a positive transformation as a result of embracing inclusive opportunities for people with a disability.[more]

Emerald now a thriving club

Husband-and-wife team Bill and Robyn Kuys describe Emerald Football Club as a "second family". Now they have helped that family achieve Gold Level in the Quality Club Program.[more]

The role of the volunteer coordinator

The volunteer coordinator role is responsible for working out the strategies designed to recruit, retain and recognise all club volunteers. The value of having a dedicated resource in this role should not be underestimated.[more]

Developing Relationships with Local Council

One of the keys to success for Australian Football clubs at local or country level is maintaining a strong, healthy relationship with the local council.[more]

Why do people volunteer?

Understand why people volunteer at your football club to better structure your volunteer recruitment and ensure you place them in roles that match their purpose for volunteering.[more]

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2011 AFL National Coaching Conference

Etihad Stadium in Melbourne will host the 2011 AFL National Coaching Conference from Friday 28th to Sunday 30th January.[more]

Lloyd's Clean Hands Skill Test

Matthew Lloyd's new clean hands skill test to be used at the 2010 NAB AFL Draft Combine.[more]

Wins Along the Way A Bonus

Scott Sutton has been awarded as the Western Region of Victoria AFCA 2010 Coach of the Year for his work with WynBay Power (RecLink).[more]

Learning Courses Now Online

Do your accreditation and training courses online at the new AFL Community Club Learning Centre. The courses are for club administrators, volunteers, coaches, umpires and players.[more]

Coaching and Developing Young Players

Damian Carroll (TAC Cup Coach - Gippsland Power) explains that coaching at youth level is rewarding but challenging. See his insights on coaching youth... [more]

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Coach is the Key to Club’s Female Success

Sherryn Kilmiester believes the coach is the key to ensuring a club’s female teams are successful.[more]

Heroes or Role Models?

AFL Coaching Director Peter Schwab looks at what determines who we model ourselves on[more]

Coorparoo Offer Complete Female Player Pathway

Emma Zielke discusses her journey in football with the Coorparoo Women's Football team[more]

Masala's Debut Season

Masala FC, consisting of players from Sri Lankan & Indian backgrounds, has completed it's first season in the VAFA[more]

Cadbury Super Team

Win your chance to play a game of AFL 9s against 10 AFL superstars. Find out how

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Positioning for Goal Umpires

Learn positioning for goal umpires and then test your knowledge with the goal umpiring positioning quiz.[more]

Player Management at Community Football

Contribute your ideas regarding player management at community football by posting to the umpiring forum.[more]

2011 AFL Umpire Coach PDP National Conference

Etihad Stadium, Melbourne will host the 2011 AFL Umpire Coach Professional Development Program National Conference from Fri 28 - Sun 30 January.[more]

Building Relationships with Post Match Conversations

Post Match Conversations are building relationships between umpires and football coaches in the Southern FL.[more]

QAFL – 50m Penalty Umpiring Scenarios

The following video clips show umpiring scenarios where the umpire must decide whether or not to award a 50m penalty. The clips are provided by AFLQ.[more]

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