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Developing Relationships with Local Council

One of the keys to success for Australian Football clubs at local or country level is maintaining a strong, healthy relationship with the local council.[more]

Why do people volunteer?

Understand why people volunteer at your football club to better structure your volunteer recruitment and ensure you place them in roles that match their purpose for volunteering.[more]

How does your club support umpires?

What do you or your club do to recognise and respect umpires on match days? Tell us and you could win some great prizes courtesy of OPSM. [more]

Going Digital

How grassroot sports can use websites and social media.[more]

AFL Quality Club Program

The AFL Quality Club Program provides clubs with the opportunity to meet standards in club administration. Achieve bronze level accreditation online now.[more]

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Learning Courses Now Online

Do your accreditation and training courses online at the new AFL Community Club Learning Centre. The courses are for club administrators, volunteers, coaches, umpires and players.[more]

Coaching and Developing Young Players

Damian Carroll (TAC Cup Coach - Gippsland Power) explains that coaching at youth level is rewarding but challenging. See his insights on coaching youth... [more]

Style of Play DVD - Rob Wiley

WA High Performance Coach Rob Wiley presents a video analysis of style of play in modern football including the fundamental principles, strategies and tactics.[more]

Rucking - Searching for the Perfect Structure

Every team is searching for a ruck combination that works best for them. Regardless of their approach, they know rucking remains a crucial part of the game.[more]

The Role of the Midfield Sweeper

Collingwood midfielder, Shane O'Bree, analyses the role of the midfield sweeper and considers the main reponsibities, expectations and hints required to excel in the position.[more]

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Masala's Debut Season

Masala FC, consisting of players from Sri Lankan & Indian backgrounds, has completed it's first season in the VAFA[more]

Cadbury Super Team

Win your chance to play a game of AFL 9s against 10 AFL superstars. Find out how

The Next Generation Continues Rich History

Port Adelaide now developing female football teams[more]

Women's Football Now and Then

Women are crucial in Australian Football in the future[more]

Media Release - AFL Europe

Ireland has won the 2013 AFL Europe Championship by kicking a goal with the last kick of the game to beat Great Britain by a point[more]

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QAFL 50m Penalty Umpiring Scenarios

The following video clips show umpiring scenarios where the umpire must decide whether or not to award a 50m penalty. The clips are provided by AFLQ.[more]

Elephant may not forget but coaches can

Brad Lowe (Head Field Umpires Coach - VAFA) explains how using a journal allows him to avoid making the same mistakes each year in his coaching program.[more]

AFLNT seeks field umpires for TIO NTFL season.

AFL Northern Territory seeks field umpires for the upcoming 2010/11 TIO NTFL season. If you are looking for an opportunity to fast track your umpiring career then this may be for you.[more]

VFL - field umpire video examples

The VFL Umpiring Department has provided 8 video clips with coaching notes for umpires to enhance their understanding of the Laws of Australian Football.[more]

Umpiring is Everyone's Business

View the video of AFL Umpire, Dean Margetts, umpiring an U17's Umpiring is Everybody's Business promotional match in the Demons District of WA. [more]

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