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Cadbury AFL 9s at the Gabba

Cadbury AFL 9s and Brisbane radio station, B105, recently gave listeners the chance to play on the Gabba[more]

AFL and Community Clubs Not So Far Apart

Collingwood CEO, Gary Pert says community clubs play a crucial role [more]

Boomerangs Squad

The AFL is pleased to announce the 2013 Flying Boomerangs Squad [more]

2013 Flying Boomerangs Squad

The AFL is pleased to announce the 2013 Flying Boomerangs Squad [more]

U16's celebrate Indigenous Round

A number of different cultures were celebrated as part of Indigenous Round at Victoria Park[more]

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Umpire Exchange Shows the Way

THREE Geelong umpires are showing the way for aspiring young females by officiating in this Saturday's curtain-raiser to the Port Adelaide versus Melbourne match at AAMI Stadium. Field umpire Jacqui Ginn, aged 21, and boundary umpires Kaitlyn Marriner and Erin Keating, both 17, will represent the...[more]

Y umpiring is changing their approach

GEN Y the affectionate term for those born roughly between 1980 and 2000 is often the centre of some not-so-affectionate observations from more mature generations. Known for their disconcerting sense of self, Gen Ys aren't afraid to speak their mind and backchat their elders. They live at...[more]

Deboy dreams of AFL stage

FIFTEEN-year-olds generally don't tell a bunch of grown-ups what to do. But up-and-coming South Australian umpire Curtis Deboy was 15 when he got his first taste of senior football in the amateur league during his second year of umpiring. At 19, he was selected to umpire in this year's NAB AFL...[more]

Female Umpiring Liasion Officers

With the increased participation of females into the umpiring fraternity, it has become important for local umpiring groups to ensure they are catering for the needs of females within their group and have the appropriate support structures in place for their female umpires.  Due to this, many...[more]

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