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Complaints: Right Approach, Right Process

Get the right approach and right process to dealing with complaints, allegations and accusations [more]

AFL players tackle AFL 9s

It's grabbed the likes of Tom Harley and Brett Kirk. Find out why everyone's playing AFL 9s.[more]

Boomerangs Flying Beyond Sport

AFL Indigenous program, Flying Boomerangs nominated for international Beyond Sport Award[more]

Footy Aid

The AFL is looking for second hand or new sporting equipment to send to the Asia Pacific region. [more]

Tackle Training During the Offseason

Use the offseason to complete training courses to improve running your club[more]

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Maximising Individual Player Development

Ben Dyer (Brisbane Lions Academy Coach) explains that whilst coaches love to win they have an obligation to develop their players

Playing Like a Pro Videos

New skills videos for juniors introduced by Matthew Lloyd and Garry Lyon and featuring top AFL players

Pressing Issue

Far from being new, the 'Collingwood press' has developed over many generations, writes Peter Schwab[more]


The demands of modern coaching mean coaching an AFL team is all-encompassing[more]

The Coach as a Teacher

Peter Schwab explains that a coach needs to be able to streamline their message to benefit the whole team[more]

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Maher leads SEN to Cadbury AFL 9s win

Andy Maher's late goal sealed SEN's win at Etihad Stadium on Sunday[more]

Flying Boomerangs defeat South Pacific

Tight contest sees Boomerangs over the line[more]

Andy Maher to Lead AFL 9's SEN All-Stars

It may just be a friendly game of Cadbury AFL 9s, but for Andy Maher its personal.[more]

Melbourne Win Historic Game

Top 50 Female footballers put on stunning display at the MCG[more]

AFL Women's National Championships

Victoria and ACT winners at the 2013 National Women's Championships [more]

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More Umpiring News

Victoria welcomes umpire coaches to conference

Umpire Coaches are welcome to attend the 2011 Victorian AFL Umpire Coach Professional Development Conference[more]

Season in Review

Engaging a variety of groups for feedback is an important element of reviewing the season[more]

Meeting of Minds

Post match meetings between captains, coaches & field umpires provide a valuable opportunity to reflect on the match[more]

Umpiring - Why We Do It

Greg Cudmore who retired after umpiring 604 matches explains that only umpires understand the addiction of umpiring [more]

Elcho Island's Umpire Road Show

AFL Field Umpire, Chris Kamolins, finds Elcho Island locals are mad about AFL[more]

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More Schools News

WAFC School Girls Grand Final

Talented female footballers showcase footy skills[more]

AFL Letter Link

Resources for students to write to an Australia Post AFL Multicultural Ambassador

Demons Celebrate Women & Girls

Melbourne FC dedicated Round 13 to the women and girls who participate in Australian football[more]

Meet World XVIII Player Akat Mayoum

In just a few short years, Sudanese refugee Akat Mayoum has risen as a star of the game[more]

Team Swans Volkswagen Environmental Program

Sydney Swans players recently visited Randwick Public School to launch the Team Swans Volkswagen Environmental Program[more]

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