AFL Women's National Championships

17 - 22 June 2013

2013 Fixtures and Results

Match Report - Day 2

Match Report - Day 3

Match Report - Grand Final

The AFL Women's National Championships take place every two years. The 2013 Nationals will be conducted in Cairns.

How the Champs Began

There are numerous examples of representative teams getting together across state borders over the years but the first true Nationals (four teams minimum) began in earnest in 1996.

Since then 11 National titles have been decided and all have been won by Victoria. Like their male counterparts Victoria will be introducing a second team into this competition soon.

The Nationals are currently held biennially but it is hoped that they will become annual during the next three years and eventually become a home and away series.

Competition Structure in 2013

Every state and territory competes in 2 divisions.

Division 1 is made up of Victoria, Team WA, Queensland and NSW whilst division 2 comprises ACT, NT, SA and Tasmania.

Division 2 teams will be ACT, Arafura (a combination of northern Queensland, Papua New Guinea and Northern Territory), SA and Tasmania. Arafura takes the place of Northern Territory whilst NT Thunder rebuilds itís female talent program.

2013 Players to Watch

Click Here for ACT players to watch. 

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