Youth Leadership Seminar

Jason McCartney - Youth Leadership Seminar Destiny is a Matter Of Choice
presented by Jason McCartney

The AFL appreciates its standing in the community and is proud to have a responsibility to the Australian youth of today. Many of society's role models are current and former players of our great code.

These role models have been developed on and off the field of Australian football and the path they have taken pursuing, living and fulfilling their dreams makes their stories inspirational to many.

My story just happens to be one of those. Unfortunately suffering 50% burns and a near fatal induced coma from the 2002 terrorist attacks that rocked Bali, to a triumphant return and exit from our wonderful Indigenous game as a player.

This seminar is designed to motivate the youth of today and provide them with the necessary tools in order to live their dreams.

The seminar provides some of the necessary skills for kids to take control of their destiny by understanding decision making, leadership, support networks and goal setting.

The seminar is comprised of four elements

  • My journey
  • Goal Setting & Time Management
  • Leadership & Support Networks
  • Choices & Consequences

Watch the videos below to see the complete seminar.

An accompanying workbook has activities that support the information delivered in the seminar to provide participants with clear and concise steps in preparing and mapping their future years, and to assist them to fulfil their personal destiny.

Download the workbook here (pdf 2mb)

Jason McCartney Seminar - Part 1

Jason McCartney Seminar - Part 2

Jason McCartney Seminar - Part 3

Jason McCartney Seminar - Part 4