Coaching Girls In Auskick (up to 9 years of age)

It is well documented that girls prefer to participate in female only groups when doing physical activities. In 2011 AFL Victoria conducted a survey amongst 350 Auskick girls and reported that the girls:

  • were intimidated by having to play football with males
  • often felt excluded by the boys and hence were unable to develop their skills to the level they wanted to
  • experienced teasing at not being able to pass the ball as well as the boys
Implications For Coaches:
  • Developmentally there should be no differences at Auskick age between coaching boys or girls
  • Male coaches will need to be aware of handling girls inappropriately or in a way that makes the girl feel uncomfortable. Generally Mums and Dads are present at Auskick centres so include them when teaching  football skills.
  • Provide single gender/all girls teams and opportunities eg an all girls group within a mixed gender Auskick centre
  • If you are faced with having small numbers of girls within your mixed gender group ensure you provide some education to give the boys responsibility to help the girls improve their skills
  • Include the Mums in your training so they too can learn the basic football skills and pair up with their sons or daughters
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