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Libby Sadler NSWLibby Sadler: NSW   

Libby Sadler made the NSW Blues team for the first time in 2011.

A tall forward with a strong overhead mark, Sadler impressed the selection panel enough to warrant first-time selection in the All Australian team.

Participating in the Academy will also assist Sadler in her day job as she is the first female in the role of female football coordinator for AFL NSWACT.

Nicknamed 'Fish' because of a primary school incident involving Libby trying to avoid the limelight, Sadler said, "Iím really looking forward to learning a lot about football.  Not only will I learn things about myself and how to better my own personal football experience, I will also learn a lot to take back to work through other peoples' experiences and through different talks and seminars.

"What Iím most excited about is running out onto the 'G when I play in the Cadbury AFL 9s match on Sunday July 22. How often do you get the opportunity to play on the MCG as a female! This is a once in a lifetime!"

If Sadler keeps doing her job well it may not be once in a lifetime.

Sadler has the opportunity to develop female football pathways to ensure that one day there may be a bonafide National Womenís League with regular matches planned on the sacred turf.