Players to Watch

Stephanie Powers: NSW

Steph Powers is one of those footballers who likes to lead by example.

During the 2011 Youth Girls National Championships and as Captain of the team, Powers never stopped providing enthusiasm and getting her team NSWACT pumped for action.

Often found at the bottom of a pack or applying a shepherd, Powers found the going tough during her third time at representing NSWACT.

"It was tough but I really enjoyed training and playing with some of the best women in the sport," said Powers.

"Although we were bottom of the ladder at nationals, watching both WA and Vic play in the final was great. There was so much skill from both teams and watching the two top teams gave me inspiration to work to get to a higher level."

If Steph can put together any football feats like her favourite player, Sydney Swan's Lewis Jetta, then spectators will be greatly entertained.

Steph says, "Jetta plays with speed like me and I like to try and match his style of play."

Jetta is one of many who has inspired Powers' football journey.

"My coach, Lisa Roper, has played a big role always inspiring me to work harder," commented Powers.

"I have trained harder than ever this year and joined the local Wollongong Lions men's team. Their coaches have pushed me to do my best in everything I do at training and I've seen a huge improvement in all areas of my game thanks to them."

Steph really hopes that her kicking improves from knowledge gained at the HPA.

"I want to be able to kick properly no matter what the situation and to better use my quick skills to advantage," she said.

No doubt with the expert tutelage on offer at the Academy, Steph can achieve this.

Powers is most excited about the combination of ages of women and girls all coming together at the Academy.

"I think it will be good to see how much I have improved and it will be the best opportunity to train alongside Australia’s best women AFL players as well as being coached by some amazing people."