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Stephanie ChiocciSteph Chiocci: Vic

Stephanie Chiocci's family are her greatest supporters having avidly followed her football career since 2006 when she first pulled on the boots!

"I think the best way they support me is simply listening to me when I speak about football," Steph said. "During times of injuries my family provide a supportive environment which helps me stay positive."

Choch, as she gets called on the footy field, believes the ultimate in football is playing alongside mates to win a premiership flag.

"I was lucky enough to win a flag in my first year with Diamond Creek," Choch said. "I think that's my greatest achievement to date."

She starred during 2009 representing Victoria as well as earning runner up for Fairest and Best of VWFL that year.

Like numerous female footballers she ranks Chris Judd as her favourite AFL footballer.

"He's professional and his leadership and attitude is second to none."

Hopefully as the HPA program is based at Visy Park, Judd’s home turf, she may get a glimpse of her hero!