Skills, Drills & Strategy

With the importance placed on maintaining possession in modern day football, it has become vital that players execute their skills correctly.

Coaching skills can generally be broken down into three components:

  1. Examine the teaching of the skill using the SPIR (show, practice, instruct and reward) method.
  2. Examine the coaching and correcting of an incorrect skill technique. This may include:
    - State the error
    - Measure the performance (quantify) in the game and at training.
    - Video the performance in the game and at training
    - Analyse the performance
    - Develop a remedial program and set goals
    - Conduct the remedial program
    - Video throughout the remediation program
    - Analyse the video throughout the program
    - Measure throughout the program in the game and at training
  3. Develop a "game sense" approach to teaching and coaching the skills. 
Help Topics
  • Kicking
  • Marking
  • Handballing
  • Contact Skills
  • Other Skills
  • Defensive Strategies
  • Forward Strategies
  • Ruck & Midfield Strategies

Skills Guide - Garry Lyon and Matthew Lloyd present the skills of Australian Football, introduced and demonstrated by the stars of the AFL. This video includes sections on kicking, handballing, marking, picking up, ball handling, bouncing, evading, smothering, spoiling, tackling, bumping, shepherding and ruckwork.

G.A.P.S Australian Football - this resource contains 250 animated Games, Activities, Practices and Skills for planning all types of sessions and lessons.