Female Schools AFL Football

Each state and territory Australian football body delivers female school football programs, independently or in partnership with their education authorities sporting association.

However, female school prgrams do vary from state to state.

Programs might be delivered by interschool competitions, gala days or intraschool/house competition models.

To find out more about female school football programs contact your state representative.

The female football pathway is as follows during school based years. 

Female Participation Pathway

NAB AFL Auskick: Ages 5-12
  • The NAB AFL Auskick program is for both boys and girls, but there are some all-girls Auskick centres
  • With no tackling, modified rules and and an inclusive atmosphere, Auskick is fun, safe and a terrific way to get young girls involved in sport
  • Some all-girls Auskick centres are school-based. Contact your Auskick state manager for more information

There are two levels:

NAB AFL Auskick Rookie: Ages 5-8

  • This is where the fun begins. Rookies learn the fundamental skills required to participate in Australian football

Auskick Pro: Ages 9-12

  • Building on the skills they’ve learned throughout the Rookie program, Auskick Pros can test their drop punts, handpasses and marks through simulated match activities and drills

Visit www.aflauskick.com.au

Junior Football: Ages 8-12
  • AFL Juniors offers kids who have completed a few Auskick seasons the excitement of a football club environment
  • It allows players to experience a variety of positions on the ground from full back to full forward
  • Rules are still modified and where there are no junior girls competitions, girls can play in mixed gender teams as 13 and 14 year olds
  • Females can play in mixed-gender teams up to the age of 14. However, where possible girls aged 10-12 years should play in single gender junior competitions
  • See more at the AFL Junior Youth Policy
Youth Girls: Ages 13-17
  • Tailor made for players of all abilities and aspirations, Youth Girls is an ideal progression from either NAB AFL Auskick or AFL Junior
  • It provides an opportunity to play in an all-girl competition within a club environment
  • Girls can play in mixed-gender teams up to the age of 14. See more at the AFL Junior Youth Policy. However it is strongly recommended that girls aged 13 to 14 years participate in a structured youth girls competition conducted specifically for females using appropriate AFL Youth Girls rules – see Appendix 2
  • Pathways vary between states
  • Females can play in mixed-gender teams up to the age of 14. See more at the AFL Junior Youth Policy
  • Girls aged betwen 15-18 years should be participating in AFL Youth Girls competitions at U15 and U18 years using appropriate AFL Youth Girls rules – see Appendix 2
  • The best players are chosen to represent their state and play in the 2017 NAB AFLW U18s Championships
15s Schoolgirls Championships

With the support of School Sport Australia the 15s Schoolgirls is now a significant step in the talent pathway for female footballers.

Starting modestly with a three-team invitational between Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia in 2009, these Championships are contested alongside the U12s and U15s Schoolboys Championships.

The 15s provides a great opportunity for the tens of thousands of schoolgirls competing in their local State Schools competitions, to play at a higher level.

There is also a strong educational component to the Championships so the girls enjoy both a football, cultural and personal development experience.

Being able to support their boys teams and learn more about the game provides another facet, as well as the boys supporting the girls and learning more about the female game.

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