Facilities Management



In 2007, the AFL established the Facilities Development Reserve (FDR) to help fund the development of community football facilities through our State bodies, working with clubs, local councils and governments across Australia to identify and fund community football facilities projects.

AFL has invested over $38m (2007-17)into 300+ projects for a total value of $500m benefiting almost 900 community clubs.

Priority over this period has been to upgrade facilities identified as most in need for development based on the National audit of 2,500+ grounds and invest in new sites in expansion markets and population growth areas.

A key role for the AFL is to establish standards for our club facilities suitable for the proper playing of the game for both male and female participants.

Feedback from clubs we have supported through the FDR is positive benefits have included strengthened club viability, increased utilisation of facilities, longer tenure / better tenancy arrangements and increased participation.


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