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Flying Boomerangs - Player Profiles

Heath Molloy

Heath is one of the tall centre half forwards in the team who plays key positions across the ground. His style of play grabs people's attention, not to mention his hair as well think Red Foo from LMFAO!

This young lad from Cairns has great balls skills and is not afraid to lead up the ground and take the opposition on. Heath will play an important role for the Boomerangs when the game gets tough.

Ben Davis

Ben was a stand out for the Flying Boomerangs during the Sydney program; this tough player from Maroubra Sydney takes the game head on.

He is close to being the smallest player in the squad but his speed along with the determination to throw himself into packs and put his head over the ball makes him a vital player.

Ben leads by example, his presence on and off the field saw him captain the team during the North West Academy match; he will no doubt play an important role in leading the team while they are in South Africa.

Elijah Howard

This high flying Boomerang hails from Broome and is great in the ruck. With a natural leap he also provides a key target when moved up forward and has produced some soaring marks.

Elijah not only has the potential to be a remarkable player but also an influential leader. This quiet but good natured young lad will no doubt provide the team with what they need on and off the field while they are over in South Africa.    

Callum AhChee

Callum AhCheeCallum was selected from the WA team at the Kickstart Carnival and when the Boomerangs played in Sydney he showed that he was a natural talent who can play in any position around the ground.

His agility and skills make him a key midfield player while his strength and height means he can either be pushed forward or back.

His older bother Brendon is at the Port Adelaide Football Club. With Callum's natural ability and strong leadership he is sure to follow in his brother's footsteps.

Aiden Hill

Aiden HillAiden is one of two Territorians in the team. This young Alice Springs' lad always plays the contested ball and has proven to his team mates that he is a critical member in the backline.

Aiden has natural skill and is a great kick; his hard hits will be vital when taking on the South African Lions Team.